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new folding tablet with Windows 10X

Microsoft has just marked a really succulent "One More Thing." And, as soon as the official presentation of its new Surface and convertible laptops is finished for 2019, the American firm has surprised with one of the most anticipated products. Yes, we can finally confirm that the Andromeda project was real. The Surface Neo folding tablet It's a reality, and it works with Windows 10X.

It is not the first time that we have heard rumors about the possibility that the giant based in Redmond launched its first folding product to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X. We have long been waiting for Microsoft to make the great leap to offer a product with folding screen. Said and done.

Profile surface Neo

And eye, that the Surface Neo points ways to become the height folding tablet. Its double screen design joined by a hinge is spectacular. In addition, the American firm presumes that the cables that connect both screens are thinner than human hair. And all, framed in an aluminum body whose screens have a thickness of only 5.5 mm to get a really complete device at the aesthetic level.

Surface Neo

Features of the Surface Neo

To say that it has a keyboard that magically engages to squeeze the maximum productivity options of this Microsoft folding tablet. And eye, that this complement comes with a very interesting surprise. We talked about Wonder Bar, or trackpad that allow writing directly on it, which opens up a range of possibilities very interesting.

Surface Neo

Continuing with the possibilities offered by the Surface Neo, say that it has Windows 10X, an optimized version of the American giant's operating system to take full advantage of the possibilities of this device.

Surface Neo

In this way, we can take advantage of Office, or watch a movie on Netflix while we work on another screen. You have to open a new link while on a web page. Quiet, to open on the other screen so that everything is much more comfortable.

Surface Neo

And now, its optical pencil puts the icing on a long-awaited cake. More than anything because we can take notes directly on the screen, or take advantage of the benefits of Surface Neo keyboard trackpad to write directly on it, and to transcribe all the text.

At the hardware level, we do not know exactly the characteristics of this folding tablet, but the firm has reported that they have opted for a pIntel processor designed specifically for dual display devices.You haven't had enough?

Surface duo

Microsoft Surface Duo, as is the new phone with Android and folding screen

Well yes, it seems that the American giant did not have enough, so he has left us with his mouth open presenting a new phone. Quiet, that Windows Mobile does not revive. It seems that the new Surface Duo folding phone has an Android version designed specifically for this model.

A device that has the same thinness of the tablet, 5.6 mm for each screen, where productivity is its greatest exponent. For example, you can take notes on one screen while on the other you follow a video call. A device that points ways to make your rivals shake. Of course, we must have patience since, both Surface Neo with Windows 10X, such as the Surface Duo with Android will not officially arrive until summer 2020.