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MIUI 11 add a Children's Space and Family Shared Use

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the interface Xiaomi MIUI is already 9 years old. In a couple of days a new version called MIUI 11 will be presented. Arrive with the Mi MIX 4 / Mi MIX Alpha and the Mi 9 Pro 5G. MIUI product manager revealed some new features that will have the new version of the customized operating system on Android.

Childrens Space

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A new feature It's called Children's Space. Xiaomi says that I decided to add the function since many of its first users they can have a family soon or they already have it. So, to help raise children and keep them entertained, they are adding a Space for children to MIUI.

Childrens Space or Children's Space in MIUI 11 have several high quality educational and entertainment applications designed for children. Parents can customize access to the application and the duration of use. According to Xiaomi, the children's space is completely separated from parent space.

Xiaomi also adds that the special space has a eye protection mode smart to ensure that the child's eyes are protected from harmful light. Another feature of Childrens Space is the My Bunny that appears on the screen and informs the child to take the phone to the adult when a call is received.

Xiaomi Family Sharing / Family Sharing

We will also have the new function Family sharing in MIUI 11. This allows us share information between the devices of our family members quickly and safely. It is an implementation similar to what Apple does with its Family Sharing in the iOS system.

Curiously, Xiaomi implementation is much more focused on security and parental control. Family Sharing in MIUI allow track the location of family members at all times, control the amount of time that a user can use an application and even control the use of WeChat. This, together with the upcoming Children?s Space, should provide parents with all tools they need to monitor their children.

However, perhaps the most interesting thing about Family Sharing It's how it works with any Android or iPhone device. This means that Only one person in the family needs to have a Xiaomi device, which is simply excellent. The worst part of family sharing on iOS is the requirement that everyone has an iPhone or MacOS device. The fact that Xiaomi does not force this to users It makes the function much more practical.

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