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MacBook Air: The four best alternatives this 2018

The HP Specter x360 is a highly configurable 2-in-1 tablet / notebook. 2 in 1 are increasingly popular; This is our choice for one who makes improvements in the MacBook Air in the same approximate price range. It was originally introduced in 2015, but was updated with Intel's seventh generation processors last year.

If versatility is a priority, enjoy its touch screen and 360-degree hinge. You can even add an optional active touch pen for about $ 50. With 1.3 kg (2.85 lbs), it is a bit lighter than the MacBook Air, it has a higher screen resolution and you won't even have to say goodbye to your expansion options. The Specter x360 is equipped with USB-C x 2 and USB3 x 1.

FULL REVIEW: HP Specter x360