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List of the most affordable headphones to buy in 2019

List of the most affordable headphones to buy in 2019 is very varied, reaching only quality and price.

The headphones they are like pieces of art: While true connoisseurs can spend a fortune on them, for most people, budget models work just as well. Like art, there is a big difference between finger painting and Picasso, with a happy medium somewhere in between, and the same goes for headphones.

Is this passion for affordability What inspires us to create this list of the most affordable headphones to buy in 2019: we have made great use of our bargain search and have found a large number of cheap headphones that maysbuy without thinking twice.

The most affordable headphones to buy in 2019

oneCheap headphones: RHA MA390

Affordable headphones with good sound and universal controls


  • Premium build quality
  • Wide sound stage (for ears)
  • Excellent value

Two of the most important reasons is sound quality and price. While there are cheap wireless headphones out there, they sound much worse than wired headphones for the same price.

In the category of internal headphones for budget, usually sacrifices the sound and the quality of construction for the price. However, there are rare gems that saffordable, sound great and are well built. The RHA MA390 is one of those headphones.

While the RHA MA390 is the cheapest headset that the company manufactures, it is not sacrificed in terms of quality of construction, design or sound: these headphones are beautifully made of aluminum, they have a twisted cable and a universal remote control that works with Android and iOS.

2Cheap headband headphones: Skullcandy Grind


  • Strong bass response
  • Built-in microphone

  • There are no volume controls

These headphones with heavy bassthey bring a built-in microphone to mix and offer incredible sound quality at an economical price in the basement.

They do everything we want with a pair of headphones in the ear,They are light, but not fragile. They are powerful, but they are directional enough so that the sound is not emitted everywhere, alerting your neighbors that you are listening to Taylor Swift again.