Learn the techniques of the Tombs of Terror, the new Hearthstone expansion


The years pass and Hearthstone remains one of the most successful card games in the world. Just a few weeks ago its new expansion was announced, Salvadores de Uldum with many important developments, and his first expansion arrives just today.

Tombs of Terror is available from today September 17 with its single player adventure where we will have to put ourselves in the place of four members of the Expeditionary League to tour ruins, create a personalized mallet and gather powerful treasures in order to prepare to stand up to the forces of EVIL.

New techniques for Tombs of Terror

This new adventure with a few nsomewhat new mechanical mechanicsIn fact, according to Blizzard it is better not to try to understand them.

This adventure is a continuation of a very strange story of the game: back in the expansion Rise of Shadows, Rafaam and the League of Evil robbed Dalaran. Now they brought him to Uldum and unleashed a series of plagues (that is, the new Plague cards in Saviors of Uldum) to destroy the world. I don't understand why the League of Evil wants to destroy the world when before they just wanted to steal, but this is Hearthstone and you just have to understand yourself with the weirdness.

In this adventure, every hero is a combination of two classes, with letters from both. You can choose between:

  • Reindeer, a magician and pcaro
  • Elise, a druid and priest
  • Brann, a hunter and warrior
  • Sir Finley, a paladn and a chamn

We still don't know if you start with some heroes or with all of them, but whatever hero you choose, these class combinations surely they will make an interesting construction of mallets. Also, like all these adventures, you will build your deck as you go, choosing new cards and treasures after your victories.

The first and second chapters of Tombs of Terror, Lost City, be available totally free for everyone from today September 17. The third episode will arrive on September 24, while the fourth and last will on October 1. Chapters three and four will be priced at 700 gold in the game or 6.99 euros each.