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How to solve the problem of Gmail notifications on Android

We will check several things to know where the problem may come from. Attentive or attentive, so you can solve it.

Check Gmail notification options

The first thing we will do is see if we have Gmail notifications in their correct configuration from the application.

To do this we will open the app and go to theSettings To open the settings we must press the button with the three lines in the upper left of the screen. We can also do it by sliding from left to right from the edge of the screen. We all clickSettings

There we will select the Gmail account that interests us. In case you have only one, then click on the one we have.

Within these settings we will find the sectionNotifications,where the first section is homnimous:Notifications

If we click there, three options will appear:All, High priority only, None.Obviously, for what we need we must pressEverybody.

gmail notifications

In the section ofNotificationsand click on the sectionManage tagsThere we will see the optionNotify all messages.This is possible that s that is disabled, since what it does is that the emails that are received inPromotions or SocialDon't ring, and maybe if you get the message you expect.

gmail notifications

Phone notifications settings

Now it is necessary to verify that the application notifications are activated. To do this you will have to go to the settings of your phone. There we will look for the section ofApplications and notifications,or a similar name. Each manufacturer has a different name, but it does not differ much from one layer of customization to another.

There we will have to look for the Gmail application, we enter the section ofNotificationsand we check that the switch ofShow notificationsis active

gmail notifications android

If you still have problems and your mobile phone has some specific battery saving mode that you can configure, make sure you don't have the applicationasleepordeactivatedWhile using this mode.

And if you still have problems try to wait for an update from the manufacturer or reinstall the application, basic solutions that often work.

Have your problems been solved? Do you have any doubt? You can comment on your problems and we will try together to solve it. Have you opted for an alternative solution to those mentioned?