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How to optimize your social media strategy? A specialist tells you

What does it take to become a Social Media consultant?

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Develop content strategies in the world of marketing Marketing is closely related to creativity and has become an essential activity to achieve campaign success; And it is that with the large amount of information that is generated every day, creating relevant, timely and coherent content is extremely important to achieve a positive response from our audience.

How to optimize your social media strategy? Alexis Gutirrez, social media coordinator -RRSS- in Aeromxico, offers the following recommendations.

  • Optimize appropriate platforms. Each social network has different audiences and they are spoken differently.
  • Know the social networks through the same insigths or paid platforms, such as social bakers, sprinklr or Social Studio.
  • Select the networks that will be optimal for the execution of our campaign or AB Testing
  • Generate content of interest to the audience with due anticipation
  • Understand that content is a key piece for optimization.
  • Determine if the content will be easy to share, or if it can go viral. The biggest budget is not always needed.
  • Sometimes the fact of making viral content does not mean a great investment, you have to rely on the creative capabilities of a work team in hose.
  • Take advantage of the organic tools offered by the platform.
  • Generate relevant and educational content.
  • Listen to audiences to perform dynamic executions that help users
  • Generate content that is timeless to take advantage of them throughout the year and take advantage of them for certain campaigns.
  • Take advantage of generic content.
  • For the generation of these articles you must adhere to SEO strategies for search positioning.
  • Cure content or create alliances with other sites or infliencers for content development.
  • Take advantage that followers are content generators. They give credibility to brand strategies.
  • Use organic tools
  • Take advantage of different formats. Each of the platforms and formats has different characteristics, proposals
  • Learn to listen to users, understand them anticipate changes, both positive and negative.
  • Respond to conversations in which the competition is not giving the best service.
  • Know that the formulas for strategies are not necessarily going to work in the future.
  • Pay, understand that you have to invest in advertising. Including segmented posts helps reach the expected public.
  • Test whether the organic content of success also works from paid guidelines.
  • Quality in customer service with fast and personalized response.
  • Respond to both positive and negative comments.
  • Chats through social networks to serve customers.
  • Generation of manuals for customer service.
  • Editorial calendar for social networks, be anticipated