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How to make your Android screen very dark at night


Bright screens are good, but be better for your eyes and your dream if you reduce the brightness.

Angela Lang / CNET

Seeing the bright blue screen of your phone at night can make sleep difficult, and that light can cause eyestrain. Until the Dark mode Dark Theme on Android Q is available on your phone, there are several ways to reduce the brightness of the screen in addition to using the brightness slider to make the screen darker. Keep in mind of different Android phones, such as Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3 Y LG G8, they can use different names for the same tool.

Night Light darkens the screen light to a sepia color so that it is not so strong for your eyes. You can access it through the settings menu, or in the quick settings area by sliding down from the top of the phone.

Method 1: Configuration

one.Go to the Settings app.

2. Give a touch to Display.

3. Choose Night light.

Four. Tap on Turn on(Turn on now).

5. Adjust the intensity of the color.

6.You can also set the start and end time by tapping Schedule or Schedule.

Method 2: Quick Configuration

Display the notification tray from the top of the screen to see the quick setup menu. Tap the Night Light icon to enable it.

google-pixel-night-light.jpg "data-original =" night-light.jpg

You can activate Night Light to darken your phone's screen.


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CNET screenshot

Turn on night mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

Night mode or Night Mode changes your white screen to a black background.

one.Open the Settings app(Settings).

2. Even touch the screen(Display).

3. Activate night mode orNight modeWith the switch.

Four. You can select between activating it now, setting a time for its activation or turning it on from sunset to sunrise.

Turn on the blue light filter for Samsung phones

one.Open the Settings app(Settings).

2. Tap Screen(Display).