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how to connect it to other bluetooth speakers

Both Google Assistant and Alexa have been the precursors of a new market model: that of smart speakers. Large firms have begun to launch all kinds of bluetooth speakers that stand out for integrating a voice assistant to get the most out of artificial intelligence on duty. Although, to deny it, there are currently two clear protagonists: Google Home or Echo.

It is true that the Amazon Echo smart speaker line enjoys great popularity, but when we had the opportunity to perform a complete analysis of Google Home, it became clear that the solution of the giant based in Mountain View is a product of height. More seeing the possibilities offered by your voice assistant.

Do you have a Google Home? 5 commands to get the most out of it

More than anything because, Google Assistant is currently the most complete service. And, although the Amazon Echo have a much larger number of speakers available, the great G solutions enjoy great sound quality. Except the Google Home Mini, why deny it …

Google Home

Yes, it is best to connect the Google Home Mini to another bluetooth speaker

Before continuing with this tutorial where we will teach you how to connect Google Home to any bluetooth speaker you have at home, say that these models do not sound bad, but they will not offer a sound landscape at the height of other models. Not much less. In addition, the Google Home Mini has another problem, since its power is a bit fair, especially if you want to use it in a wide space.

So, considering how simple the Home Mini is, or any other Google speaker, with another device, it is worth doing if you have a powerful speaker dead of disgust by the arrival of the new solutions of the great G. The only requirement? have Bluetooth connectivityObviously, with this trick what we will do is that the sound is passed through this new speaker, but Google Home Mini is still active waiting for our voice commands.

To do this, we will open the official Google Home application and go to the section Dispositives. In it, we will see the characteristic icon of the three points and we will give the option Configuration. Upon entering the device configuration, we will see an option that puts Default music speaker.

Now, the only thing you have to do is choose through which device the music we ask from Google Home is played. A really simple trick that allows you to continue taking advantage of any quality bluetooth speaker you have at home.