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How to check if your passwords are really safe

Google Password Manager

Maybe at some point, that password you use for all your accounts It has been exposed along with the data of millions of users because of a security breach. And you probably don't even know it.

Leaving aside what It is not recommended that you use the same password for several different accounts, an advisable practice when keeping this type of private information safe is use a password manager. And to make it easier for you, Google has its own tool of this type, which today is useful when it comes to preserving your Internet security.

In his plan to ensure that as many people as possible know at all times how safe are your credentials, Google now introduces the tool called “Password Checkup” in its cross-platform password manager, which analyze credentials to determine if the passwords used in the different accounts have been compromised by security breaches.

Check if your passwords are safe thanks to the new Google

The format of this tool is likely to be familiar to you. In February, Google launched an extension for Chrome with the same name, and also aimed at analyze our credentials for possible compromised passwords. Now, the intention of the company is to bring this utility to as many people as possible.

Therefore, "Password Checkup" now becomes directly integrated into Google's password manager, accessible from the browser through any platform. To analyze passwords for security problems, simply access the page in question and start the analysis.

Google Password Review

If compromised passwords appear, they will appear at the top next to a red warning. We will also be notified if we are reusing passwords in different accounts and platforms. Finally, Google recommends modifying those passwords considered unsafe.

Although the function is already integrated into the Google account of millions of users, the big G He wants to go there further. That is why it ensures that in the coming months, this tool be directly included in the Chrome browser both on desktop platforms, as on iOS and Android. In this way, we will have real-time protection without installing extensions or accessing the tool every time you want to check if our passwords are safe.

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