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how to activate multimedia control in Google Chrome

Controlling multimedia files (such as music or video) in your browser is not an easy task. It makes some versions, Google Chrome, seeking to bridge this gap, I added a series of volume and multimedia controls. Although, it seems, most users are more interested in seeing how it is disabled than in using them.

In search of a more substantial improvement, Chrome has enabled in its last update a play and pause button, which you can enable in your Chrome toolbar. We show you how.

First, you should open your Google Chrome browser and type the following in the top URL bar: chrome: // flags. Once you enter, the browser will take you to a tab of options in tests of the browser itself.

Chrome Multimedia Control. Step 1

Done this, in the search bar debers putGlobal Media Controls. You will get the option to enable it. To do this, put the tab that saysDefaultinEnabled. Restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Chrome Multimedia Control. Step 2

The play and pause control will only be activated once you play some compatible content, but will remain active even if you close it later. This, while not the most comfortable in the world, makes practical sense.

Chrome Multimedia Control. Step 3

Once you hit the play, a small window opens showing the title of the played content, its URL and the typical multimedia controls of play, pause, forward and backward. Sometimes, even a small image of the content in question will be displayed. For example, in the case of YouTube, a small image of the video thumbnail.

Chrome Multimedia Control. Step 4

The control window, logically, modifies the function of the content displayed or heard in real time, and is capable of controlling any content of any of the browser windows. Of course, as we have seen, the web that works best is with Youtube (logical, on the other hand). While it supports the play and pause of Netflix or Facebook, it is with YouTube that the forward and reverse controls work, as well as the preview of the video thumbnail.

As you can see, the tool is simple to activate and use. While it is true that it is not soada functionality, and does not work completely with services as usual as Netflix, it is a tool useful enough to have it in our favorite browser. Of course, it is also appreciated that Chrome is making these small extensions progressively.