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Honor Band 5 receives music and volume control function ┬╗ERdC

The Honor Band 5 receives music and volume control function

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During the month of July, Honor officially presented its Honor Band 5, a gadget wereable physical activity oriented and serious competitor to the Mi Band 4 of Xiaomi. The key features of the device include an AMOLED screen, a SPo2 meter and an autonomous that claims to be extensive. Earlier today, the company announced that the Honor Band 5 will get a new feature that is useful for music lovers and be very practical too during physical activity sessions.

The Honor Band 5 allow you to control music playback and volume

With the most recent update, the Honor Band 5 allow your users to pause or remotely change the music track which is playing from our paired mobile device. In addition, the bracelet can also be worn to increase or decrease the audio volume, which result in a fairly useful addition. The feature is compatible with all Android devices running Android 5.0 or a more recent version.

An ideal situation to use this function it will be while running or exercising. While most users tend to use a pair of wireless headphones when they perform a physical activity, having to take out our mobile device every time we want to modify the audio playback options or the volume of the music is a cumbersome task.

Therefore, the new Honor Band 5 feature can greatly simplify this process. Now it will be much easier to use the physical activity bracelet that we will have tied to the face to change between songs or change the volume instead of having to manipulate our smartphone, which is often stored in a pocket or sports bag.

As we mentioned earlier, the most direct rival for the Honor Smart Band 5 is about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Xiaomi option is already compatible with this function since it was released. Therefore, the most recent update allow the Honor offer face your opponent better.

Characteristics of the Honor Band 5

The smartband comes with a 0.95 inch color AMOLED display covered with crystal 2.5. Something that highlights it over other options is that it incorporates a Blood oxygen level sensor. Other features offered are the standard in this segment of smart bracelets. A 24 x 7 heart rate monitoring sensor, a sleep monitor with the ability to detect six different types of sleeping problems and 10 different sport modes. It is also Water resistant to 50 meters.

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Honor Band 5 receives music and volume control function ┬╗ERdC
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