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Google's tablet with Chrome OS


The Google tablet with Chrome OS appears in the photos of a keyboard maker

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September 20, 2018

We continue to obtain on account more information about the new products that Google I should present next October 9. On this occasion we stumbled upon one of his convertible tablets with Chrome OS, the so-called Nocturne, a computer that would maintain the nature of a tablet but that would have the possibility of making use of peripherals that make it a laptop, as the image below shows.

The image in question has been published by AboutChromebooks, and it is an official image of the manufacturer Brydge, an accessory brand that seems to have already prepared its first keyboard for the new Google device.

Very thin and with side fingerprint reader

Nocturne Chrome OS

The images show a device that could have been designed by the own Brydge for the occasion based on schemes that could be available to design your product. So, even if they are not images of Google itself, the final design may not differ too much from what we can see in the images.

If we stick to the photos, we can see how Nocturne It has a fairly small thickness that allows it to boast a fairly attractive design. Another interesting detail to emphasize is the presence of a side button that seems to integrate a fingerprint reader, this being the solution that the team would propose not to do without biometric reader.

In the upper left corner it seems to show what a USB-C port looks like, and we do not know if it will be the only one to offer charging or if on the contrary it is a second port in which to connect external devices and headphones with said connection (This last option seems to be correct).

Prepared with speakers and advanced noise cancellation

The front, in addition to showing some not so small bezels for a latest generation tablet, shows two front speakers that will offer stereo sound, in addition to being accompanied by two microphones that will be responsible for acoustic echo cancellation. This lets us see an interesting multimedia profile that could interest many, although we would have to see what news Google has prepared on the software side.

Of the keyboard itself we cannot say much since it is an apparently Bluetooth version manufactured by Brydge, although some suggest that Nocturne will include an integrated connection in the chassis with which to be able to connect accessories such as a fixed keyboard.

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