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Google Maps already has an incognito mode

When we think of "Incognito mode" It is usually related to the mode that allows Google Chrome to "leave no trace" after accessing a website. Something similar has just been released in Google Maps.

The "do not leave a trace" we put it in quotes because there really is a trace, what happens is that it does not record the search history. But continuing with Google Maps, now it is possible to walk through the city without anyone knowing where we are going.

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To get the mode unknown in the Google Maps application, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We open Google Maps and click on the profile icon (where our photo appears).
  2. In the dialog box we select the option of "Switch to incognito mode".

Image - Google Maps already has incognito mode

  1. At that moment, the ingnito screen appears and a dialog box pops up and we must click on "Close".
  2. Now him location circle changes from blue to black, this indicates that we navigate in incognito mode.

Image - Google Maps already has incognito mode

But the incognito mode of Google Maps is not the only novelty that the Internet giant has launched today.

YouTube allow us to delete search history

Google has given YouTube the possibility of delete search history automatically. We will be the ones who decide the period of time, and we will have to choose 3 months, 18 months, or until we decide to eliminate it manually.

Privacy in Google Assistant

The Google assistant available on Android phones tells us how the Internet giant takes care of our privacy just by saying: "Ok Google, how do you protect our data?"

The assistant will respond by informing us how they do to protect our privacy and how they secure our data on the Internet. In addition, they will give us directions to check it in the Privacy Policy.

To all this, we add the imminent possibility of telling our assistant: "Ok Google, delete everything I told you". We can add a period of time, for example: "Ok Google, delete everything I told you in the last 3 weeks."

All these news have a common denominator: privacy. The main protagonist of today has been the arrival of Incognito mode to the Google Maps app, you just need to update the app to the latest version and move through the cities without a trace.

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