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Google Gallery Go Photos for offline and low weight

We will never stop surprising the big G guys and now They are very good with Gallery Go from Google Photos, a new gallery for your images that has the objective in mind of being able to manage offline or offline.

This app from Google joins many others dedicated to low weight in the megabytes of installation and being more than light so that low-end phones can with it in ample way. And if that were not enough, it even includes those features of Machine Learning and editing tools that we know about Google Photos (and that is still being improved). Come on, scary for this summer.

With the focus on developing countries

Gallery Go has been launched by Google for Nigeria and with the objective set in those developing countries where Internet access is quite limited. If we talk about the app weighing its 10MB, you understand that we are facing an application that will barely "steal" space from the internal memory of your mobile. If we add to this that it offers support for the use of SD cards, better than better.

Gallery Go on Android

Although it is a lightweight app does not mean that it is not loaded with functions. The first thing that attracts attention is that owns Artificial Intelligence from Google Photos to organize your image collection and make it easier to find them when you need them.

Not only does it stay there, but it also includes functions such as automatic image enhancement Like those other basic options like rotate, crop and filters. Google has not wanted to leave anyone aside for its best features, be it the cost of the phone that the user has. And we really love this kind of proposals.

Using Gallery Go offline

Even for us it is A tremendous refreshing arrival for this summer and thus have a Gallery Go that organizes our photos by people and the things that appear in them. So we can find an easy selfie, remember where we had that object or keep the record of those scanned documents to present an invoice to a customer.

Google Photos Go

The best thing about this app is that you don't need to manually tag the photos and will not use your data to perform all those tasks. That is, you can enjoy it offline. It is a breakthrough when many of the heaviest apps need internet for their stuff.

Of first we will have the main screen with the complete string of all images. At the top we have the tab of the same images and then that of folders. Selecting the second one will show all the folders so that you even let us create one to organize our photos. Another interesting point is that when we are in a folder, the amount of data that that folder occupies in the storage system of our mobile will appear at the top.

No adjustments, but for what?

Virtually Gallery Go is a concise app in what we look for in a photo gallery. We can share, use a photo as wallpaper or profile for other apps and those cropping options. With a button we can automatically improve a photo without just disheveled. And in the background it will work to tag all those photos so you can find them quickly; as will happen with the videos.

Image gallery

That is, the experience it offers is more than perfect. You don't need a connection, it doesn't weigh anything, it has a cool interface, it's from Google, has Artificial Intelligence, automatic photo enhancement, cool filters and the ability to create our folders. In short, that the Google guys have worked it to bring you what will be the gallery that replaces the one you've been using until today, do we bet something?

You already have these places available to Gallery Go as a great light image app To manage all the photos you take this summer, what are you waiting for?

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