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External hard drives for mobile offer in Amazo

It is a fact that the internal storage It has always been leading users. Applications, web services, files and other computer content occupy more and more space. While it is true that, because of this, the storage of mobile phones, laptops and other devices has been increasing generation after generation, more than once it seems insufficient To cover all our needs.

To help you expand your memory portable, make backup copies or simply transport information from one place to another; we bring you a compilation of the most recommended external hard drives that we can currently find in Amazon, all of them on offer at a substantially higher price cheap than normal

KESU Ultra Slim external hard drive

KESU Ultra Slim external hard drive

We begin the compilation with the most economical model of the three that we will show you, the KESU Ultra Slim. With USB 3.0 technology, the KESU Ultra Slim is a somewhat simpler option than the others, for less demanding publics, with a brushed finish and black color. In addition, as the main added value, it highlights its enormous thinness less than 2 cm

Storage configurations range from 120 GB, to 17.67, until 1 TB, to 52.99; going through configurations of 160 GB, 360 GB …

Maxtor STSHX external hard drive

Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM external hard drive

We continue with the intermediate option, the external hard drive Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM, which, despite its complex name, is also focused on a public with limited requirements. It has a more daring design than the previous model and similar connections, with the addition of having a own software backup.

The main difference, which is said, is its storage configurations. Although the 500 GB version has no offer (45,70), the models of 1 TB (43.49), 2 TB (57.78) Y 4 TB (92.59) are very important options.

Western Digital HDD external hard drive

Western Digital My Passport external hard drive

In the last place, we bring you two models that are major words. The Western Digital My Passport are external hard drives with advanced specifications as SD readers, extensive connectivity and integrated multimedia streaming services.

In this case, we show you two models very similar, but with the substantial difference in the type of disc they incorporate: HDD (traditional hard drive) and SSD (solid state unit). The main difference between the two is the mechanism of data transmission, which in the case of HDD is through mechanical processes, and in the case of SSD, through flash memories (almost like an evolution of USB).

Wireless Digital SSD external hard drive

Both the model with HDD (starting from 1TB to 182.98) and the SSD (starting from 500 GB to 220) will delight those who seek a higher level in terms of external storage. What are you waiting for to get one of the best SSD external hard drives?