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Evil Lands takes you to an online with many players in real time

Evil Lands arrives with the intention of becoming one of the online RPGs Reference action for mobile devices. It must be said that it is still in its first phase of final version. Which means that it has a lot of room to continue growing and in a matter of one or two years it becomes a better game.

It would not be the first time we have seen a game of this style disembark, with not everything expected, and whatand in a matter of time it has improved sufficiently To be a great game. Being an action RPG means that you will have to direct the blows to the enemy, so since you don't take care of yourself, you could be hitting the air without doing any damage.

A whole world open at your feet

The first thing that stands out in Evil Lands that the map is open. That is, we are facing an open world just as it can happen in Skyrim so that we can explore everything we want. Although always with the premise of taking care of where to go because in a matter of seconds a horde of skeletons of great level can take away the desire to continue traveling.

Fighting in Evil Lands

Everything unfolds in a 3D world with our third-person hero, so we have ana seen just like the Bethesda game. We have the control stick to handle our hero and the different skills and basic hit on the right side. We also have access to a map with which we can get an idea of ??what we have explored and what we still have to discover.

Jefe at Evil Lands

From the outset we will be taught the basics so that we will look for our first enemies, skeletons. We will then go on to carry out more missions to be doing little by little with a game that is capable of immerse yourself fully in a fairly well cared for world and that in a Galaxy S10 + it looks great.

In real time with more players in Evil Lands

Evil Lands puts you before games in which you will meet many players doing the same missions. This has its pros and cons. On the one hand you have that feeling of really being in an online world in real time and on the other hand you will have to work the missions, because there is always the typical smart guy who wants to kill all the bugs that swarm around the world. In any case, there is more than enough to be able to progress properly to do our missions and continue to level up.

Evil Lands Map

For our enjoyment, we have a good variety of maps, raid missions and those cooperatives in which we will have to distribute the loot released by the enemies of greater size and power. You can prepare for cooperative and PvP modes with those three classes that you can choose in the beginning and then develop them with a skill tree in which you have to decide which path to take.

Open world in Evil Lands

It is very clear that if you can play with a friend it will be easier for you. Especially since in this type of games there is always some player who likes to mosquear others. So you can already recommend it, because surely they are encouraged to vitiate with you in order to get into caves, forests and other environments very well carried out.

Fight with your team and in Spanish

Evil Lands is a very well worked game, but it still has some things. The mobs skills that we will find are limited, although it must be said that the chiefs of greater power can be quickly identified by their auras, large size and different abilities.


Technically we talk about a game that goes very well through the eyes And that has well-kept details. Especially in combat, although it can become a bit monotonous until we develop our hero's skill tree well. The truth is that if you have a high performance mobile you will be able to enjoy it. We don't want to imagine what it will be like to play it with a low-end mobile.

ANDvil Lands arrives with the intentions of being a reference in RPG online games of action and that based on updates will surely be adding more content and improving those aspects that have to take care of. Be that as it may, to be free is the sea of ??good, so we recommend that you start your journey in this Android game.

Editor's Opinion

Evil Lands

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • Very good graphics
  • Variety of enemies and careful environment
  • Three classes with their own skill tree


  • Mobs abilities are limited
  • We miss skills such as cutting wood, etc.

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