Do not miss any show in Barcelona

Do not miss any show in Barcelona

The Merc 2019 is already here and as usual, the party is guaranteed. Barcelona is filled with a multitude of events that will include September 20-24 of which there are concerts, sardanas, food trucks, exhibitions and how not, the «Touch of Start» and its pyrotechnic explosion, which will take place in the Plaa de Sant Jaume and that mark the official start of the Festival. This year, besides, l’Barcelona City Council has made available a free app that we can download on our smartphones.

Said integrated application all content that we may need both to plan our route these days and to improvise a plan near where we are.

The app of the Merc 2019 puts order to all the events that will invade Barcelona to celebrate the Fiesta Mayor

By having so many events distributed throughout the weekend – and part of the following – it is easy for us to escape any that may interest us. This is where the Merc 2019 app comes into play, since it has an agenda showing each and every one of the shows They will arrive in Barcelona.

Separated for days and for hours, we can visualize and understand how to be each one to know more about them (description, place, schedule …). Moreover, it is also possible perform a reverse search: select what type of event we like and where and what gives to filter the results.

We can also mark as favorites those who call us the most attention to have them always at hand in the same section of the app, and even add them to the calendar of our smartphone so that we do not forget.

And aside from the agenda, another of the most interesting features of the Merc 2019 app is its smart locator, with which we can let you indicate which are the closest celebrations based on our location.

In short, it is a simple, direct app (it does not even require registration) and that maybe we can get out of trouble during the Barcelona holidays, especially if we want to control the location and schedule of concerts, exhibitions or events at We are interested in going.

You can download the La Merc app for free on iOS and Android devices

The application of the Merc 2019 can be downloaded from the App Store (for iPhone, iPad) and from the Google Play (for Android; Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, BQ, LG and others) for free.