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An iOS app is hacked and starts sending the most inappropriate notifications

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<p>An application from the iOS App Store called ?UVLens? has sent most inappropriate notifications to a large number of users.</p>
<p>The developers of the application immediately apologized to all users, mentioning that the app had suffered a hack. However, everything seems to indicate that it was probably an internal conflict in the developer team.</p><div class=

There have been dozens of complaints from Twitter users who received the notification, a notification so explicit and inappropriate that it left them in shock.

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The UVLens application sent notifications with sexual content to its users

UVLens is an application that provides information to users about the radiation of ultraviolet (UV) rays for all those who are concerned about the exposure of their skin to the sun.

The notification screenshot speaks for itself. But if you don’t get along very well with English, we translate the text:

“You love Me ******? ”

“Me * is already ***


And this is also how the users who received this type of notifications will stay on their phone. Speechless.

Can you imagine receiving a notification like this, maybe … from an application like YouTube, Spotify or Netflix? What madness!

These were the apologies of the app’s developer team:


?You should have received an explicit message. It definitely didn’t come from the UVLens team. We are investigating this matter very seriously. We will keep you informed. ?

Later, from UVLens they assured MacRumors that it was a third-party notification service they used and that it was compromised, allowing a spammer to send inappropriate notifications through the network. Similarly, they have reported that they have taken a series of steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.