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All the news of the new customization layer

EMUI 9.1

A little over a week ago, Huawei confirmed which phones were going to be first to receive EMUI 9.1 This is the new version of the brand customization layer. A new version that is released first for the high-end phones of Huawei and Honor. Although with the passage of the weeks, throughout this month, it will be expanding in more phones.

Until now it was not known what new functions were going to be introduced in EMUI 9.1. Luckily, we already have the answers in this regard. The changes that are introduced in this new version of the personalization layer of the Chinese brand have already been announced. So we tell you everything below.

The deployment has already begun in China. Therefore, it is a matter of time before users in Europe with any of the Honor and Huawei phones that are going to have access obtain this version. The company itself confirmed that the update was going to be launched in July. So it is a matter of time.

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What's new in EMUI 9.1

EMUI 9.0

There are several developments of enormous importance in EMUI 9.1, as is the introduction of GPU Turbo 3. But this change is not the only one we can expect in this new version of the customization layer of the Chinese brand. The new functions or changes that are introduced in it have already been known. They are the following:

  • New backgrounds and themes: New themes, backgrounds and icons have been redesigned for applications. There are also changes and new ringtones and alarms.
  • Digital Wellness: Huawei finally introduces this function in EMUI 9.1. Thanks to this feature we will be able to control the time we use our mobile phone a day, in addition to being able to set limits in case we believe we are using it too much.
  • Smart design: It brings a simpler user interface. Therefore, it is confirmed that some intermediate steps will be eliminated, in order to perform certain actions more quickly.
  • HiVoice improved: Voice recognition on phones is optimized in this new version. In this way, it will be possible to activate certain functions on the phone using voice commands. Functions such as scanning a QR code or taking a selfie.
  • Password Manager: Password managers are currently essential in Android. Therefore, with EMUI 9.1 we find a new manager, thanks to which we can store and manage our records quickly and easily.

EMUI 9.1

  • Enhanced reality improvements: We find a series of new functions aimed at augmented reality, to expand the camera options. For example, we can point to a food and we will be told how many calories it has. In addition, we may have information about objects when pointing, similar to what Google Lens does.
  • Enhanced Security: EMUI 9.1 also introduces improvements in its security. In this case, it will be the system itself who will scan the installed applications and the ones we are going to install. With these steps, they can ensure that they are safe. In case of potential risks, we are warned and offered the possibility of blocking those apps.
  • Huawei Share OneHop: A function that is created to facilitate an instant connection between a PC (for now only the Huawei MateBook) and a Huawei and Honor phone. This allows you to transfer files very quickly, up to 30MB / s speed.
  • Smart tips and suggestions: In EMUI 9.1 we will have phone usage tips provided by the system itself. We will be reminded of some of the available tasks or functions, in addition to recommending that we try some of the news. You will also learn from the daily use of the phone, so it will give us suggestions and tricks to do certain tasks that we normally do faster.

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As you can see, EMUI 9.1 arrives with many new features for users with Huawei and Honor phones. Now, it's just a matter of waiting for the update to be released at all times. Something that should happen this July, as confirmed by the company itself.

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