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a youtuber pulls expensive phones next to an old Nokia from 300 meters high

Nokia 3310

Internet is wonderful. No matter what you are looking for, the most strange and particular, because we will surely find it. As for the technology, thanks to the Internet we have found great experts and communicators in the field that if it had not been for her, they would not have made themselves known. Thanks to the Internet too, Consumers and users can inform us before buying a new smartphone or gadget thanks to the amount of analysis that exist, but the Internet also works for other things.

Because when you stick a whole boring afternoon watching technology videos on YouTube, you end up discovering real gems. Why see a to throw high-end smartphones while a Nokia 3310 from a drone 300 meters high, it's not something you see every day.

It hurts just to see: strip high-end smartphones at 300 meters high

The YouTube channel in question, as echoed from NokiaMob, is called UnlockRiver and specializes – as if someone could specialize in this – in checking the resistance and durability of technological products such as smartphones.

Now, the funny thing is that it does not like many other content creators, but it does it all over the top: pulling these smartphones from a height of 300 meters. The funniest part of all this is that in many of its videos to compare the resistance of these phones, it also launches an indestructible Nokia 3310, all with the aim of corroborating which of the two is worse off.

For example, in your last endurance test, face the new and expensive iPhone 11 Pro with the Nokia Mythic. A duel worth seeing by the way. All this has made the channel has reached almost a million and a half followers. In short and you know … there must be people for everything in this life.

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