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69% of users do not want an Apple Watch – Digital Trends Espaol

69 users don't want an apple watch ceo tim cook introduces the during an event in san francisco

The Apple Watch has been the most anticipated device in the history of smart watches. But according to a survey conducted by Reuters, 69% of Americans turn out not to be excited about the new smartwatch.

The survey was conducted between March 9 and 13, hours after Apple revealed details about its watch. According to the results, 47.5% of respondents said they had no interest in the Apple Watch, while 22.1% said they were not so interested. Only 9.4% said they were very interested and 15.2% said they are a little interested. 5.8% feel undecided.

Although the survey suggests that the Apple Watch be a failure, time and the market demonstrate whether consumers truly pay from $ 350 for the new device that requires users to own an iPhone.

The Apple Watch will go on sale on April 24. Since its announcement, we have seen Chinese manufacturers launch imitations of the expected watch while other companies are offering to rent the Apple watch.

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