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YouTube Music is updated to stop listening to music on Spotify

Something that has made Spotify stand out is the ability it has to make you discover music thanks to its Daily Mixes, Weekly Discovery and similar options. Well it seems that now YouTube wants to offer a similar option, we tell you how new YouTube Music offers us.

Discover Mix from YouTube Music

The new YouTube Music option isDiscover MixThis option closely resembles the Weekly Discovery offered by Spotify. What this option does is create a playlist with 49 songs. These songs will be based on your tastes, that is, based on thelikesYdislikesthat you have been giving to the songs during the week.

This list will be updated every Wednesday. So you will have the weekend available to discover all the music that YouTube has selected for you.

YouTube Music Discover Mix

This option has not yet been launched globally, in fact, not even for a specific country or region. At the moment only some lucky people (quite randomly) have received this novelty.

When we all receive it you see that this is found next to the mixed lists section for you. So accessing it is quite simple.

Can you compete with Spotify?

But the question as many users are asking is … Can you compete with Spotify?

YouTube's Discover Mix offers 49 songs, while Spotify offers 30 songs. A clear point for YouTube offering 19 more songs, which are not few.

The Spotify Weekly Discovery is updated every Monday, which makes perfect sense. While the YouTube Music Discover Mix is ??updated every Wednesday. This may not be decisive. Also go to everyone's taste when you think it is a better time to update it.

Now what we need to see once all users receive it is if it hits the songs with the same precision as Spotify. In addition to Spotify you not only have the Weekly Discovery, but also the Daily Mixes, so YouTube Music still has a route against Spotify if it wants to compete from t to t.

Youtube music

Youtube music