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You can use Pixel AR stickers on any Android with Motion Stills

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Equipped with the latest hardware and possibly with the best camera on a smart phone, the Pixels are Google's response to the high-end smartphone market. One of the most recent updates that Pixel owners received on their phones added a wide variety of augmented reality decals to the Pixel camera application. And now, you can also enjoy those AR stickers on other Android devices.

This new option allows you to add animated characters and emojis directly to the scene in front of you, through the camera of your phone. The ability to use AR stickers is now integrated into the company's Motion Stills app, which can convert Live Photos videos and photos into short clips, adding a variety of special effects.

Available for free on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, the Motion Stills application uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze photos and data captured in the Live Photos format. With this information and its images, this app can process photographs in a variety of creative ways.

Motion Stills can stabilize the captured video before and after an image, processing the frames that are more focused and detailed, and is also able to determine the best starting and ending point for videos that are repeated in a loop or loop.

Now that augmented reality decals are already available to other phones in addition to the Pixel, inserting a character is as simple as touching the option to enter AR Mode in your camera application. From there, you can choose a sticker package, and you simply have to drag and drop them on the photo or scene you prefer.

Once there, you can change the size, rotate and move the stickers as you see fit. The characters inserted in the scene will remain where you placed them, even if you move the camera away, and interact with other characters located in the same area.

Once you've captured your scene, you can easily share the image or video with your friends on social networks. Currently, the stickers include a chicken, a dinosaur, a planet earth and an alien. Hopefully the characters from Star Wars and Stranger Things will arrive soon to this menu.

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