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Why do Instagram Stories go black?

Instagram It is one of the social networks that we use the most in our day and it is true that everything we expect from it does not always work and sometimes show the Stories in black, so along these lines we will know why this happens.

If we are having problems with Instagram, first of all we will have to detect if the social network has suffered one each in its service, if this possibility is ruled out, then we will have to make other decisions to be able to face Instagram's failures and solve them as much as possible. Quick as possible.

Instagram automatically saves the post if you press 3 times?

But despite all that, randomly, Instagram shows the Stories in black and there are two types of "Stories in black":

Charging screen

It is usually the most repeated cause when we see Stories in black, and in this case the error is somewhat punctual and depends solely on the medium in which Instagram lives: Internet.

Image - Why do Instagram Stories go black?

I mean, yes there is no internet connection, either for being in an area without coverage, each of the WiFi, mobile connection failure, etc.

If prior to each of the Instagram connection you had time to download the content of the Stories because we were inside the app, if you can show them, otherwise, they will appear as shown in the previous capture.

Instagram bug

A punctual error in the fashion app can cause us to see only black screens when viewing Instagram Stories. In this case we recommend clear app cache Following these simple steps:

  1. We open the mobile settings and in the section of "Applications and notifications" we click on the option of "Applications".

Image - Why do Instagram Stories go black?

  1. Now we must search "Instagram". The search is simple, because as a general rule the applications are sorted in alphabetical order.

Image - Why do Instagram Stories go black?

  1. When we locate "Instagram", click on it and then on "Memory".

Image - Why do Instagram Stories go black?

  1. Once inside the section, click on "Clear cache". Only temporary files are deleted with this action, and the accounts, data, photos and records remain intact.

Image - Why do Instagram Stories go black?

In case the error persists, uninstall Instagram, wait about 5 or 10 minutes, and reinstall the application on your Android mobile or iPhone.

The Instagram Stories They are the key tool of the social network and the one that has managed to launch stardom to the application of social photography that every day gains new users, but does not get rid of the failures that causes Stories look black.

What are the limits of Instagram?

Have you ever seen the Stories in black? Have you managed to solve the errors with our advice?