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We tell you all about the sixth season of House of Cards

about the sixth season of House of CardsHouse of Cards

The last and sixth season of House of Cardsest on the way, and after launching an advance and some images of the next season at the beginning of the year, Netflix recently presented a new advance (see below) that reveals the final destiny of Francis Underwood, the Kevin Spacey character in the series (Spoilers later)

Netflix announced that the next November 2, 2018, will be released this season, where the prominence will be led by Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), according to what we can see in the official images of the season. That is, Netflix kept his word of not involving Spacey in the sixth season.

last official trailer

Many of us are looking forward to discovering what will happen to Claire Underwood in the last season of House of Cards. And as Netflix knows we are anxious, the company has released the official season six trailer where we can see a Claire who will do everything possible to not lose the throne she now has.

If you don't mind seeing these advances because curiosity can be more with you, don't miss the trailer:


Netflix left us excited with a new video about the sixth season of House of Cards. In it we see a beautiful and fra Claire as president who, far from following in the footsteps of her husband, shows us that she is unique and does not follow anyone.

"They won't tell me what to do anymore," Claire emphasizes in the teaser, where there are also several familiar faces of characters we have seen in previous seasons.

Without a doubt, in the sixth season we will discover if Claire is even worse than her husband, Francis, and if she manages to have more friends or enemies by her side.

New preview of the series

However, the last advance for the sixth season confirms the status of the former main character of the program, who was expelled from House of Cards Last year after he was accused of sexual abuse and harassment.

The brief breakthrough shows Robin Wright (Claire Underwood), appointed as president of the United States, who addresses her husband off the screen (and apparently deceased)

New characters



one from 4

A few months after its release, Netflix unveiled new images about the new characters coming to the acclaimed House of Cards series, after the controversial departure of its star Kevin Spacey from the cast.

In the photographs, we can see two new characters that have not appeared in the previous episodes. These are Annette Shepherd (Diane Lane) and Bill Shepherd (Greg Kinnear), a pair of heirs to a conglomerate of companies whose foundations have a great weight in American politics through their foundations. This family is known to the Underwoods and they have a turbulent past.

Also, Duncan Shepherd, played by Cody Fern gives life to Duncan Shepherd, son of Annette, who is also involved in the chores and interests of his family's conglomerate.

A scandal changed the course of the series

Spacey issued a public apology for the incident when the scandal was released. And, in 24 hours, Netflix paused the series and declared that the sixth season will be the last of the famous production. Later, it was announced that the series will continue without Spacey.