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Viacom and its line of channels join the T-Mobile TV service

viacom channels on tmobile t mobile tvT-Mobile, which recently decided to face cable companies in its own field by offering unlimited LTE wireless Internet service, does not want us to forget that it still has plans for a streaming TV service. And now, thanks to a new association, you can watch the programming of Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and other popular channels when their service is launched later this year.

Although its plan to launch a ?new and disruptive TV service in 2018,? has clearly not materialized, it is not because T-Mobile is throwing in the towel. In fact, I recently signed an agreement with Viacom, which will bring the channels of this company to T-Mobile TV, as part of a package that it hopes to launch later in 2019.

Under the new agreement, T-Mobile will be able to broadcast live the programming of Viacom channels such as Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Paramount, in addition to the on-demand versions of its programs.

While the mobile device service is already set, the version of the home service is still in progress and its release date remains vague. According to TechCrunch, this service will use 5G technology to replace the cable, which may give a very different style to your home Internet service.

What has not changed is the acquisition by T-Mobile of the cable provider Layer3 TV, which acts as the platform on which to build its television services. With its own IP network, Layer3 can send high definition video to homes with bandwidth levels similar to Netflix, and offers more than 275 channels, including ESPN, NBC, AMC and other popular networks, with higher video quality than services Similar. The TV provider also mixes video content of broadcast and social media services with broadcast and cable channels, although it is currently only available in five cities in the United States.

Our only indication of how to operate your TV service is still a video with the inimitable CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, which shows the user interface with a carousel of channels and services such as Netflix, AMC and Hulu, in addition to options as DVR. While watching video content, you can slide through the overlay channels on the screen, to see information about which friends are watching that particular program.

In the video, T-Mobile says to use "machine learning to understand your tastes and preferences." The television programs are shown with an approval button next to them, which will probably allow you to like the programs. However, it must be taken into account that this video is only a demonstration of the possible services, so all this could be different when T-Mobile officially launches the platform.

The new television service is part of the T-Mobile strategy that includes giving free Netflix subscriptions to those with family plans of the company. No price has been announced for any of the versions of the new T-Mobile TV service, but hopefully it will aim to make it cheaper than the traditional cable to compete with other streaming TV services.

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