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Upload the production of 3D sensors by Sony

Speaking of Sony, we know that for a while now that in the mobile section it stopped being among the top brands with its devices, although this does not prevent them from continuing to develop hardware for other brands such as both the main and secondary camera sensors.

Currently one of the biggest innovations that the Japanese giant has made in terms of camera sensors is the ability to integrate three-dimensional mapping technology. These sensors use the method called Time of Flight (TOF), which allows laser pulses that bounce on the objects to be sent through the camera sensor and through the calculation of time it takes to bounce the mapping is achieved.

The so-called 3D cameras according to the words of Satoshi Yoshihara, head of sensor division at Sony with information obtained from Bloomberg They have increased their production in the company due to high demand from brands for this 2019.

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Image taken with a Sony 3D Sensor

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Both the front and the main sensor will have this improvement in 3D and there is talk that some of the brands interested in them will be Apple, Huawei and LG. It follows that if this becomes a trend, more manufacturers and brands will be interested in this type of sensors.

Among the possibilities that we will have with the arrival of more 3D cameras are the fact of having better security applications with facial recognition, 3D object mapping with the main camera, augmented reality applications or virtual reality.

Surely this year is in the high-end terminals where we find for the first time these two sensors for both the main and the front camera and even better if it becomes a trend to allow manufacturers to improve even more. Well, what do you think? are they interesting? Do not forget that you can leave your answers and opinions in the comment box, we care to know what you think.

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