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Uber Van not a hard day in service

Yesterday we announced excitedly the arrival of the Uber collective service, Uber Van, to the city of Monterrey in Mexico. And well, the taste lasted us little because in an operation carried out by the State Transportation Agency 10 units of this service were seized from the state because, according to the law, they operated illegally.

They are practically accused of giving a collective service with vehicles with a private license plate in addition to being based in a prohibited area and not having a concession from the state.

At the moment the vehicles were taken to the corraln and the company will have to pay a fine of up to $ 40,000 pesos for each truck. It is mentioned that these types of operations will continue.

Just a few days after the Congress initiative is discussed Mobility and Transportation Law where the foundations will be laid so that these transports on demand can circulate, the future of Uber Van is uncertain and the company still does not speak about it. We hope that everything can be solved within the legal framework so that they can provide a service that benefits the public in the best way.

Don't you think about this subject? Do you think that only these transports have legal problems? We really do not, but hey already passed. Let us know what you think in the comment box, we are reading.

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