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This is the new Netflix "Ultra" project

One of the most famous services of films and series worldwide is to release one of the new projects which has been defined as ultra since new features are integrated into this platform.

There are different plans to hire this service by offering from basic to premium, the company offering these new benefits only now a new package will be added, adding new HDR technologies as well as new sound technology.

The HDR is simply a recording technique to reproduce images in more vivid colors, according to the statement issued by the same company, rectifies that this service will not be available for the basic, standard and premium packages since another package called ultra is added which It increases its cost and has all the services available and the increase of up to four screens at the same time.

The price of this package will be around 16.99 euros, which is approximately $ 384 Mexican pesos of subscription, without a doubt this company is giving more and more visual experience options so that users are satisfied with the service and can enjoy movies and series with latest generation technologies.

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