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These are the best apps of 2019 according to Google Play

In the Google Play Hundreds of new applications and games come in every day, thousands a week. The vast majority hardly stand out or even not worth it, but there is always some jewel that gets join the throne of best app or game. Google itself chooses each year to the best of the store. And there are already nominees for 2019.

The collection of best apps and games chosen for the Google Play Awards 2019 has just been made public: the selection includes variety, a lot of quality, brings a multitude of new functions to the smartphone and entertains with software loaded with imagination and ingenuity. Do you want to know the nominees? Let's go with the list: if you download it completely you will not regret it.

Google chooses the applications nominated for the Play Store Awards 2019

These are the best apps of 2019 according to Google Play

The selection has been arduous and very difficult since there is software of remarkable quality in the Android app store. Of course, they are not only new apps and games since Google has chosen on the whole application base that most users can download. This implies that they do not have to be 2019, nor 2018, but they are quite recent.

Let's go with the list of best Android apps: these are the categories and the nominees.

Wellness applications

Applications to improve accessibility

Applications of greater social impact

The most beautiful games

Best home entertainment application

The most creative applications

Better applications for emerging markets

Most innovative applications

Most innovative games

The above is the list of nominees for the different categories. Represent the best of the best for Google, although you must still announce the winners. That will happen on May 7, 2019: just that day we will meet the applications that take the Google Play Awards. Meanwhile you can download the entire list of nominated applications.