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The Uber "Combi" service is already in Mexico

Not long ago I was talking with a person about the possibility of requesting a collective transport call me combi in Mexico in the same way that we do it with the Uber application. And apparently my pleas have been heard.

Uber Van is the name of the new service that the transport company in Mexico offers. Initially in the city of Monterrey due to the influx of traffic as a kind of beta phase to later deploy to more cities in the country.

The transport dynamics will be quite similar to the individual service only that the vans will have an established route. Simply ask for the trip and wait about 5 minutes for more people to request the service. Through the QR code, access to the unit is given.

The capacity of these vans will be of up to 14 people and initially 20 pesos will be charged we must see what distances the routes will travel.

In terms of safety and comfort, this service is quite good. Hopefully it evolves in the best possible way so that it can arrive soon near those who expect it and that its reception by other public transport is not difficult.

What do you think about this new option that Uber brings to Mexico? Tell us in the comment box your opinion about it, we are reading.

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