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The download of Fortnite for Android may not be in the Google Play Store

If two years ago we went crazy in summer with Pokémon Go, it is clear that 2018 will be the year of Fortnite on mobile. We already have it available on iOS, for iPad and iPhone, but there are still a few weeks to see it on Android.

The Fornite download for Android It is one of the most searched topics on the Internet and it is not for less. The popular Epic Games game is raising money as few others have done before.

This is an achievement for the company, but it also has a bitter aftertaste when seeing how mobile app stores take 30% of the profit, as they do with all hosted apps.

Fornite for Android may not reach the Google Play Store

The download of Fortnite for Android may not be through the Google Play Store

This game seems to be an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and for a month we may not be able to officially install it on other mobiles with this operating system.

The point is that it seems that when you can, it will not be as simple as going to the Google app store and pressing the button Install.

The internal code of the Epic Games website has given clues that the download of the game will be through the web browser, making the installation like a normal APK, something that is possible on Android, and it seems that Epic Games You will use in your favor.

Why Fornite for Android won't be in the Play Store

Although there are no official statements yet, it seems quite obvious that a game that on iPhone has generated millions of dollars in revenue in a few weeks It will also generate a lot of money on Android.

However, in iOS there is no simple option to install a game without going through the AppStore. On Android there is and if Epic Games uses it 30% commission will be saved in each of the integrated purchases of your game.

Why doesn't this happen with other games?

We might think that if Epic Games finally chooses this, it is possible for other companies to do so. Actually it is possible, but you have to have a very strong title that attracts attention by itself and does not need advertising.

Clearly Fortnite is one of those games but only a handful could use this strategy.

The download of Fortnite for Android may not be in the Google Play Store
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