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The best gaming accessories in 2019

The best gaming accessories in 2019They are indispensable. Regardless of the type of games you like, there is a great variety of peripheralsavailable for to get better tu experience of game.

But, what are the best gaming accessories in 2019 that are worth buying?

The best gaming accessories in 2019

Here we will show you the best gaming accessories in 2019 that will not necessarily make you a better player, but thattea they will help to have a better game session.

The best gaming mice

The ratsfor games they respond better than normal mice, which helps you aim more accurately and react faster. This is especially important in games where every millisecond counts, such as aiming at a first-person shooter or moving around a map in a fast-paced strategy game.

oneLogitech G Pro

If you are looking for aratn high end, Logitech G Pro is a popular option. It is even a favorite among eSports players too. He mouse It is lightweight and does not have many buttons or additional functions: esreally fast and responsive, perfect for serious players.

The Logitech G Pro it is wireless, so it is suitable for a variety of playing surfaces. However, it is still efficient in energy consumption, which means that no needscharge it constantly. When charging is necessary, connect a USB cable to a port on the bottom for convenient charging, no external batteries are required.

Havecustomizable buttonsYbuilt-in memory so you can save your configuration and use it on any computer without having to reassign it. And the HERO 16K sensor is highly accurate with speed tracking at over 400 IPS. It even has a customizable responsiveness that ranges between 200 and 16,000 DPI.

2Logitech G203

For players every day looking for a slight increase in performance with a more reasonable budget, the Logitech G203 is a solid option. This mouse offers answers up to eight times faster than a normal mouse and nice button clicks.

Have a 6000 DPI sensor,It provides a solid and precise tracking for most players. There are six customizable buttons with integrated memory to store your settings. This is a mouse with cable, so should notsworryte for recharging the batteries, but there is also a wireless version available if that is what you prefer.

The best gaming keyboards

Along with a mouse, the best update you can do to the input configuration of your games is a better keyboard. Fora faster response and a more tactile gaming experience, a mechanical keyboard is the best option for most players.

3Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razor Huntsman Elite is the keyboard for those who want light keysThey still have the satisfactory click of the mechanical switches. It comes equipped with its owns mechanical switches Razer's purples. These have a 30% shorter operating distance than most mechanical switches, which makes the keyboard very sensitive.

The back plate is solid aluminum, soI don't know how to bend or flex, and also comes with a integrated palm rest to avoid the tension of the grimace during long gaming sessions. For those who like to make their keyboard shine, the Huntsman Elite also comes equipped withcustomizable RGB lighting.

4Razer BlackWidow Elite

If you want a gaming keyboard withn traditional mechanical switches,The Razer BlackWidow Elite has long been a popular option. It comes with green switches for a pleasant writing experience, it has apalm rest for comfort And it comes with a set of customization options.

You cancustomize key combinationsand add all your essential macros, and change the appearance of the keyboard with individually customizable key illumination. Best of all, there is built-in memory to save your settings so you can take your keyboard wherever you go and it is always ready to play.

The best gaming headphones

To get the most immersive gaming experience and improve your accuracy by hearing exactly where the opponents are in relation to you, you need a pair of gaming headphones.

5Sennheiser Game ONE

The gaming headphones must be comfortable so that they do not squeeze your head after hours of play. The Sennheiser ONE game hasa plush padding around the headphones and along the headband for great comfort.

As all good gaming headphones should, they also come with a microphone with noise cancellationSo I can talk to your team with clear audio. There is also a microphone silence for when you don't want to transmit your conversations.

With a clear audio, a lightweight design and a volume control easily accessible in the earpiece, they are an excellent option to accentuate your gaming experience.

The best racing flyers

Fans of the racing games they are looking for make your games even more realisticThey will have a lot of fun with a racing wheel, a next level entry device to simulate the driving experience in the comfort of your home.

6Thrustmaster T300 RS

Most of the accessories so far have been mainly for PC players, but here is somethingfor PlayStation 4 players too. Thrustmaster T300 RS is a wheel with the theme ofGrand Tourism 11 inch It comes with a set of three pedals to emulate the complete driving experience.

The steering wheel and the pedals have a solid metal constructionso they can get hit, and the pedals are adjustable for comfort. Simply connect it to your PS4 and be ready to drive.

7Thrustmaster TMX PRO

The players ofXbox One and PCs looking for the same career experience can choose the Thrustmaster TMX PRO. The device has similar features to the T300 RS, including the same 11-inch, three-pedal metal construction, but it is also compatible with Windows and Xbox One.

The best game controllers

Whether you're a console player looking for a more responsive controller or a PC player that wants to change your keyboard and mouse input device to controller, you can enjoy a new controller for a better gaming experience.

8Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The Xbox Elite wireless controller is ideal for PC players who want the best, or for Xbox users who want to upgrade. With high precision buttonsand interchangeable components, you can use the application to customize your controller to your particular style of play. There are four interchangeable paddle slots on the back so you can change the controller settings as necessary.

The controller is wireless, so needsan adapter for use with tCPU, or you can also use it via USB in wired mode.

9Xbox Wireless Controller

If you are looking for a cheaper option, the standard Xbox wireless controllerIt works very well as peripheral for PC players. The wireless range has been updated since previous generations so you can play remotely without sacrificing performance.

It's the same controller you know and love Xbox, but if you haven't tried it with PC games, pleasantly surprise youHow fun it is for some titles.

The best mousepads for games

Finally, if many years have passed since you used a mouse pad, you might think they are unnecessary. But for players looking for a high level of precision in their mouse movements, a mouse padprovides a smooth and uniform surface That can help with accuracy.

10ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad

This extra large ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming mouse pad is really more than a desk pad, so it isideal to cover most of tu deskWith a low friction surface. It has a very smooth top and a rubber bottom to hold it in place. The large area offers plenty of space for both your keyboard and your mouse.