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The best games for Nintendo Switch for less than $ 20 dollars

If you are looking for a new game for Switch, either as a gift or to enjoy yourself, you should know that does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. You can find affordable games and varied genres: from platforms, to racing or adventures and role-playing games. In fact, we have compiled for you the best games for Nintendo Switch for less than $ 20 dollars.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

Light blue It is an absolute bargain for 20 dollars. Why? It is one of the best for Switch. Point. It is a platform game with an inspiring story about depression and anxiety. You play as Madeline, a young woman determined to climb to the top of Celeste Mountain to make sense of her life. However, the mountain is a dangerous test, one that requires you to sequence jump sequences to clear each screen.

Like all great platforms, it is easy to master, but it is a challenge. Madeline and the rest of the characters stand out through an insightful script and a game that often reflects their current emotional state. Climbing the top of Celeste Mountain is very rewarding the first time. And if you're up to an even more difficult challenge, you can do it all over again through the unlockable bonus chapters.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

Into the Breach It is a turn-based strategy game of the team behind FTL: Faster Than Light. In some intriguing turns, losing all your few but valuable units, will inevitably lead you to start again in the game. Instead of eliminating all enemies, your mission is to protect your energy networks.

Each game only lasts a few turns, but many things can happen within a few minutes. The result is a strategy game that requires you to think about the future, from the beginning, in order to get out alive. The more you play, the more you discover its amazing intensity.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

The End is Nigh It is much like Super Meat Boy in which each level is short and you die not hundreds, if not thousands of times. That makes sense, considering that the co-creator of Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen. In The End is Nigh, you will make your way through a series of lgubrous worlds like Ash, in the form of a small black spot that just wants to play your favorite video game.

The End is Nigh It has some smooth controls with which fans of Super Meat Boy They will feel familiar. Although you can't jump on the wall, you can grab the cornices, a vital ability to overcome obstacles and enemies. It's perfect for short challenges, since you can literally make progress in just a few seconds. Trust us, it's hard to leave once you play him.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

This 2D Metroidvania became one of Switch's greatest indie successes when it launched in the summer of 2018. Hollow knight has been compared to Dark souls for its challenging combat and exploration system in which you often run into hidden areas. You play as a little insect knight armed with a stinger sword.

Exploration is really what makes Hollow knight stand out The map is huge, with a lot of unique scenarios that open as you unlock new skills. The danger is always near, as enemies can corner you quickly, and boss fights turn out to be a big challenge. It gradually reveals itself as one of the most complete and attractive games in Metroidvania. You can easily dive into more than 50 hours in this mysterious world without realizing how much time you've been playing.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

If you are a fan of black comedy, look no further than Night in the Woods, a wonderful side-scrolling game starring anthropomorphic animals. In Night in the Woods, you put yourself in the claws of Mae, a cat who leaves the university and goes to her house in Possum Springs. The problem is that the people and the animals that raised her are not what she remembers.

Night in the Woods It is not a challenging game, since its action consists mainly in talking with the Possum Springs animal. In this sense, it is closer to an old-school adventure game of point and click. I will make you laugh – a lot – but it also has a moving and instructive background message.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

In general, sports and racing video games do not mix in the same game, regardless of the combined category in The Game Awards. The skills to practice a sport like football or basketball are very different from those needed to control a rocket-propelled car, but Psyonix managed to merge both genders into the world phenomenon that is Rocket league.

Essentially it offers football with small cars that replace players, who dare with ridiculous stunts when they try to put the ball in the net of their opponents. In Switch you can play anywhere and with Xbox One Crossplay you have a large community to compete against.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

The genre Metroidvania has a long history on Nintendo consoles, and there are few developers who have mastered it as much as Image & Form. SteamWorld Dig 2 It is based on the addictive adventures inside a mine of the original game, full of secrets to discover and enemies to defeat. You can play easily until your Switch's battery runs out, but that's when you can use the Joy-Con controller to continue the action. His brilliant and unique vision of the Old West is a different proposal to other science fiction and fantasy usual in this genre, and there are a lot of surprises that await you in the store.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

Apart from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 from Monolith Soft, there are currently not too many role-playing games available on Switch and Battle Chef Brigade Fill that cow in a unique way. As part of a cooking game, you should create delicious dishes using a “match three”Similar to series like Bejeweled or Candy crush, but before you can cook, you must hunt.

In this segment, Battle Chef Brigade It is an old-school 2D role-playing game, with scenarios such as storybook and sharp animations. There are two playable chefs, Mina and Thrash, both with voice, and the game even includes the modes “rush puzzle" Y "break the dish”If you want to compete against your friends in the leaderboards.


Nintendo Switch games for less than $ 20

The Serie Harvest moon I had been in decline for years when developer Eric Barone decided it was time to inject new life into the agricultural genus. But nevertheless, Stardew valley it is much more than an imitation of Harvest moon.

With a cast of memorable characters and a lovely story, it's a world as immersive as everything created by BioWare or Bethesda, and the game continues to be updated with additional cultivation features. Once you have finished improving your city and choosing a couple, you can even explore dangerous dungeons to fight against monsters and find hidden treasures.

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The best games for Nintendo Switch for less than $ 20 dollars
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