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Telegram is updated, offering support for Android Wear

Telegram screenshot

For many, Telegram has become the great alternative to WhatsApp.Pormritospropios, the cross-platform messaging application developed bycreators of the Russian social network VK, has managed to break into the market until it has more than 35 million users across the globe.

Their arguments are many and varied, since we are facing one appsolid, light and versatile, whose main task since its launch in 2013 has beenprovide agreater privacy and user safety, compared to other applications in the segment.

However, the ownDurov brothers are aware thatto follow the WhatsApp lurking, theconstant evolution of Telegram, so each new revision of the open source client serves to polish it and incorporate new features.

If we recently see how it becomes fully compatible withtablets,premiering its own adapted interface, today we have to look at the immediate future; and esque Telegram already offers support for Android Wear.

After the arrival of its latest update (specifically, it is the version1.9.3), from now on be possible receive notifications, directly in oursmartwatches with Android Wear in your womb.

Special mention deserves the possibility of answering incoming notifications. It seems that, for the moment, just it is possible to answer using the voice commands ?S? and ?No?, so we will have to wait for new commands or short answers to be included later.

What do you think about the update? Are you the lucky owners of a brand new smartwatch and have you been able to try it? We look forward to your impressions!

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