Telegram in Ubuntu with PPA

Telegram in Ubuntu with PPA

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We've said it a thousand times: Telegram is one of the most interesting mobile messenger applications and alternatives to WhatsApp – if not the most interesting– from the last two years. On many other occasions we have praised the security of Telegram, which in this same blog we have already described previously.

Another of the great points in favor of Telegram is the be a multi-device application, that is, with a single account you can have the client installed in different smartphones, tablets and computers, including operating systems such as Windows and OS X and, more recently, Ubuntu.

Although it was already possible to install Telegram on Ubuntu and we already offered you a guide on how to do it, the truth is that the process was cumbersome and tedious. Not everyone wants to download icons and non-self-executing package and start playing with the Linux directory tree. There are many users who prefer the most simplified things, and those today are in luck, since, with just adding a PPA, they will be able to install Telegram in Ubuntu very easily and without having to take a thousand steps until you can use it.

To add the PPA you just have to open a terminal and execute the following commands:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/telegram
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install telegram

It is worth noting that Telegram's self-update capability for Linux with the PPA is inactive, so we are subject to the repository being updated with new versions to continue enjoying a version of the messenger client updated.

With this PPA You have no excuse for not using the Telegram client in your Ubuntu installation, so do not hesitate and give it a try. Tell us how has been your experience leaving us a comment.

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