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Sony launches second official Venom trailer!

The new of sony in association with Marvel, to be coming soon so making known the new cinematographic film Venom which is expected to be an independent film to the MCU.

This is one of the most anticipated films by Marvel fans and followers and even the character himself, sony has released the new trailer in which we can see more about this fearsome character which will be played by the great actor Tom Hardy. This second trailer is full of action and excitement, taking a full look at Venom showing part of his physique which is worth mentioning is very impressive thanks to the good work of CGI.

As an interesting fact, it has been mentioned that Venom may not be in the same arcane universe as the same spiderman played by Tom Holland, so we may not see these two incredible characters together since also in the trailer is not observed in the Venom chest that white spider.

The film will be released this October 5, so there is less and less time left to see the great performance of Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, a quiet life reporter who has been merged with an alien symbiote that controls his body and mind.