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Royole FlexPai folding phone is not so pretty, but cheaper

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Royole FlexPai folding phone looks and is also touched. During the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, ??the company has shown, without barriers or windows, not only its new smartphone with flexible screen, but many other possible applications that -quin knows- may soon reach the market.

Thus, the FlexPai folding phone has a screen of about 8 inches when deployed and 5.5 inches once folded, as explained Digital Trends in Spainl one of the spokesmen of the company. It comes with a 2K resolution and a dual camera of 20MP and 16 MP. But, the most important of all is that it arrives in Europe and the US in 2019, such as the Mate X of Huawei or the Galaxy Fold of Samsung, with a price somewhat lower than that of its competitors, that is, about 1,400 euros, which It will be about $ 1,600 dollars.

It also has an operating system, called Android Water, which is based on Google's Android 9.0 Pie.

Thicker and heavier



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But how does FlexPai look and feel about its competitors? Well, it should be said that the phone does not have the most beautiful design in the world and the truth is that, compared to the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold, it is quite back, since it is thicker and heavier.

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However, it responds quite well to screen changes when it closes and folds, although it is not always easy to guess in which direction the applications will appear.However, it is also much wider once folded than the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold, since the hinge system it has is not as sophisticated and leaves a very large space in the middle.

Its magnetic closure system is correct – although it costs a bit to open it – and takes some photos with an appropriate quality to be a folding phone. In addition, like the Huawei Mate X, it allows the person being photographed to see on the rear screen if the phone is folded.

The company, however, insists that it has been working with flexible screens for years, which allows it to create a product with a more mature and proven technology with respect to the competition.

Other apps

foldable phone flexpai royole flexible screen bag

But Royole understands that the advantage offered by a flexible screen cannot, nor should, be limited solely to the smartphone market and, therefore, has created some prototypes with its flexible screens to give us various samples of it. Thus, Royole believes that its screens could be incorporated, for example, in smart speakers, in devices for video games and entertainment and even in handbags or other accessories.

foldable phone flexpai royole flexible screens

So much so that he has already released a hat and a t-shirt with his screens so that the company or client that considers it can add the images and videos he wants from his smartphone, for example. Of course, this latest technology has its price. ANDThe hat or t-shirt separately costs about 900 pounds, that is, 1,000 euros or $ 1200 dollars, but if you buy the pack or set of both products together you get for 1400 pounds or, what is the same, something more than 1,600 euros or $ 1,800 pains. What do you think? Will you wear them for your next concert or event?

flexpai royole folding phone

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