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Review AOC C24G1 Cheap 144Hz gaming monitor

He C24G1 is the new AOC monitor which is willing to break the market thanks to its potential, versatility and especially at its incredible price. And today we come to bring you the review of this monitor focused on the world of competitive gaming.

Versatility and comfort

The first and one of the things that has most caught our attention in this COC is its support. And it has a V-shaped base which is very easy to assemble and adjust. In addition to this we are not at all voluminous like that of other monitors that we can find in the market. Although this seems silly, we assure you that it is not, since the space that steals the base of the monitor from our desk can affect us negatively in our performance and comfort.


This C24G1 has a height and tilt adjustable to the taste of each user. And it is that with just one finger we can adjust the height that goes from 7 to 19 cm and the inclination with respect to the screen, with a margin of -4 Up to 21.5 Degrees.

If we look at the frames, we find very thin frames which allow us to mount unsurround of 3 monitors without having large black lines of separation between each of the 3 screens.


AOC C24G1 panel

As for the panel that incorporates this C24G1, we have a 24 ? curved VA panel with 1500R radius curvature. VA panel technology offers us the best of both worlds. On the one hand we have a greater viewing angle as well as an improvement in the image quality of the ips. On the other hand we have the quick response of the TN panels, response time which in the case of this C24G1 is only 1ms. This response time allows us to have hardly any input-lag when playing.

Now, what most certainly enters the eyes on this monitor are its 144hz refresh rate. Most of the monitors that we can find in the market for office automation or basic navigation, are 60Hz. But when it comes to gaming, no doubt that the high refresh rate is a very important aspect. How does it affect gaming?

In this video that we have dedicated specifically to this aspect, we talk more in depth about the relevance of 144Hz, as well as in which cases it is worthwhile.

In addition to the high refresh rate, this AOC also features Freesync, compatible only with AMD graphics. What does Freesync do?

The freesync is the technology designed by AMD to counteract the tearing, which is created when our graph produces more images per second than our monitor is capable of processing. The tearing causes those annoying cuts in the image, which can completely take us out of the immersion of a videogame. adaptive synchronization of the monitors with freesync, each frame is compensated by allowing us not to notice almost the descent and eliminating the pulls produced by each one.

The C24G1 also has other technologies such as technology. Flicker-Free. This AOC uses a DC backlight panel (DC current), which reduces flashing light levels. This helps minimize eyestrain and tiredness.

Specific modes dedicated to gaming

This AOC, being dedicated to the world of gaming, also has several game modes for each genre. Among them we can find the way RACING, FPS or RTS. If these are not to our liking, the C24G1 allows us to create up to 3 custom game modes, giving us freedom to control the brightness, contrast or color of each one.


An interesting thing on this monitor is the possibility of adding a crosshair on the screen. This is specifically dedicated to the FPS, allowing us to have the same point in all our games without the discomfort of configuring them separately that entails.

AOC C24G1 connections

With regard to connections, this monitor is not far behind. And it has 1 VGA, 1 Display Ports, 2 HDMIS and a 3.5 jack connection to connect our external speakers, since the AOC G1 series does not have built-in speakers.


Negative points of the AOC C24G1

If we had to mention something negative, it would be the density of pixels per inch. And it is only 92. And while this is a problem, it loses importance at the time of the price. Although at the moment this AOC C24G1 has no distribution in Spain, according to the company itself will arrive shortly with a price of only 199 euros. In addition to this model, as we mentioned at the beginning we can also shrink it in versions of 27, and 32 inches, with a price of 249 euros and 299 euros respectively.