Reach a new security protocol for the USB-C

Reach a new security protocol for the USB-C

One of the hardware solutions that has been coming more and more although it still lacks a bit In the devices, they are the USB Type-C ports and cables. Whether we look at them in laptops, tablets or smartphones, this port is already beginning to gain territory to the usual USB Type-A.

Recently on the page of the approval of a protocol that allows the USB connection type C to protect us from possible security failures. The connection with chargers, cables or any other device will be monitored by USB so that the user can be alerted when a charger is not working properly, or that you didn't want to buy the original that the cables deliver the power correctly and even that there is no malicious file transfer.

Authentication based on cartography It will be done just at the time the connection was made and will provide data such as description, capabilities or certification status of the connected USB devices. This functionality will allow manufacturers to make their equipment only work with verified or official hardware protecting the integrity of their devices and even the safety of their customers. More ahead of a future in which the USB Type C finish completely standardized.

From Tecnocat we like this alternative for a simple reason, the pirates market of chargers, cables and even the cloning of smartphones could begin to decrease, getting people to approach quality products and so companies will be able to give us more terminals in the future. innovative and of course cheaper. Once again the possibilities of this port are demonstrated.

Anyway, what do you think about it? Do not forget to leave your comments and doubts about it below, we are reading.