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New fifth generation Pokemon arrive in Pokemon GO

The first game of the saga Pokemon I went to the market in 1996 and from time to time they go out to the market renovations of the game that add more creatures. Over time, the games in this saga were becoming somewhat repetitive, with very similar aesthetics and techniques, so Nintendo I decided to expand the universe that has captivated so many people over the more than two decades that it has been running and decided to do it by the hand of Niantic We all remember the summer I went out Pokemon go, how it was an explosion of players practically from one day to another filling the servers and carrying news around the world talking about massive congregations for hunting Pokemon.

What concerns us today is that there is a confirmed date for the departure of Pokemon from fifth generation, specifically for today at 20:00, Spanish time. With this server update, a total of 139 characters belonging to different deliveries included in the fifth generation will be introduced that added to the 16 that are already in the game will make a total of 155.

Of course, this helps to give more variety to the game, which is lacking despite having improved a lot over time. The main Pokemon that will arrive today are the fifth generation initials as Snivy, Tepig Y Oshawott Tboth arrive Pansy, Pansage Y Panpour that have a lot of prominence in the series as the main leaders of gymnasiums of Ciudad Gres in Teselia. The list goes on and on, so if you want to remember all of them, this link can check all the Pokemon of the fifth generation that arrive at the mobile game.

The every and return of Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO, little by little, has been losing popularity due to the lack of updates They have finished with a large part of the players who joined the phenomenon two years ago. Luckily, for the annoying fans of the game, Niantic has put the batteries and today the game has evolved a lot, hangs less, is more fluid and above all has more Pokemon available. The main problem of this game was that it took a long time to distribute the update with the second generation Since leaving the game, but right now it has an update rate that is not reprehensible, in fact it does not give time to capture all of a generation before the next one comes out but it has not yet been possible to recover the number of users that he had when he hit the explosion on his way out.