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Netflix's 'Diablero' series brings suspense and terror to Mexico City

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As part of its effort to continue to gain subscribers among the Spanish-speaking public and solidify its position in the growing Spanish-speaking market internationally, Netflix announced the production of an intriguing Spanish series of eight chapters, based in Mexico City, which It will be released on its streaming platform later this year.

Is about Diablero, a series based on the book The Devil forced me by F. G. Haghenbeck. The story focuses on the adventures of Father Ramiro Ventura, a priest who seeks the help of the legendary devil or devil hunter, Elvis Infante. With the help of Nancy, a young woman with special powers, and Keta, a nurse who conceals a painful past, the priest unleashes a series of events that, as the producers explain, could mark the destiny of humanity.

Welcome to Mexico City, where the angels left us alone in front of the demons, and where the balance between good and perversely bad forces has not existed for a long time, is the announcement of this new television proposal. There is only one hope, the devils, who from the underground are responsible for returning the balance and protect the most vulnerable

The streaming platform has been successful with the Spanish series shot in Colombia and Mexico. Narcos, inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar, is already with a new season, and Club de Cuervos, a comedy about the football business, was so well received that it even gave rise to a spin-off entitled La Balada by Hugo Snchez.

The company is betting big on the international market, where it is registering greater growth than in the United States. Precisely, when Netflix reported its financial results, it revealed that in the second quarter of the year it added more than four million new international subscribers in relation to the previous quarter, for a total of 52 million. This is a large increase compared to growth in the United States, where just over a million were reported in the same period of time, for a total of 51.9 million.

The eight chapters of the horror and horror series of Diablero They will arrive on December 21 internationally through Netflix.

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