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Movie review: Plan V

What do you see in this movie?

If what you are looking for is watching comedy of the moderate type, a good option to visit the cinema again is Plan V, a movie that more than taking you out a few laughs to teach you to be persistent in whatever you propose, we already know that it is only a movie that is around in comedy but if you pay close attention to the story in minutes you wrap since it is an easy tape to digest so to speak. In this film you will find yourself in a light humor as well as one or another scene that will fill you with emotions, why more than hover around the comic part Plan V It also revolves around the love and disappointment that is usually had in youth. On the other hand it should be clarified that in this post We do not intend to ruin or anticipate key arguments of the film that could ruin your exit to the cinema, in this post we present our points of view so that in the end you make your own decision to see or not see Plan V. Once the previous point let's continue.


Paula is a girl who prepares to give her boyfriend an anniversary surprise who is a famous novel actor. But more than a surprise she takes the astonishment of her life as she realizes that she cheats on her with a man. Paula in the company of her friends Fernanda and Jennifer reach the conclusion that what she needs, to get rid of disappointment, is a VIRGIN that will surely value her. This is how PLAN V emerges among the three friends, which introduces them to the fascinating and unknown world of the university, in which they will find a series of endearing characters, among them Luis, who besides being a virgin, is very handsome and intelligent , to change her life in a way she didn't expect. But not to ruin the movie be better than your fences and find out about the outcome of Plan V.

For whom is the film recommended?

The film is more convenient for all those teenagers who love to watch light comedy movies, since it is clear that we are talking about a comedy that does not use words that could damage the sensibility of some people.

Rating: 9.6

We decided to grant this rating since there were scenes that apparently were taken with drones, from which we could perceive a low quality of the scenes. On the other hand, the development of the tape was of our total pleasure since we consider that the scripts and the performance are at their best with this we mean that we did not see a film that hover in an over-acted script. It should be clarified that the rating granted is under the pursuit of the team Tecnocat, so we ask you not to be bothered by this qualification since in the end we all look different and you are the one who will have the last word to see or not see Plan V.

Plan V (Mexico, 2018)Classification: BCategory: Comedy Duration: 93 minutes

Credit and cast

Actors: Pablo Minor, Mara Gabriela De Faria, Stphanie Grard, Kevin Holt, Tamara Vallarta, Jos Carlos Femat, Arath de la Torre, Natasha Dupeyrn

Directors: Fez Noriega

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