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Mobile gets 20 million downloads in 3 days

Battle Royale of Call of Duty- Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile It was one of the most anticipated mobile video games for fans, something that was noticed during their first day in digital stores, since the game was 3 million downloads. However, the title, which can be download for free, has not stopped increasing its mass of players over time, getting 20 million downloads in just three days.

The work of the Activision saga has a Battle Royale mode, in addition to a variety of classic modes and maps, such as Nuketown. Shortly after its premiere, the statistical firm Sensor Tower has announced through its Twitter account that Call of Duty: Mobile, the mobile device version of the shooter saga, it has been downloaded 20 million times in just three days.

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In the same way, the firm also announces that users of the new Call of Duty game already have spent 2 million dollars in microtransactions. In addition, the new mobile title of the franchise has become a success in India, as represents 14% of total downloads. The United States, meanwhile, only owns 9 percent of the facilities.

Players have spent 2 million dollars in microtransactions

There was a lot of expectation for the premiere of Call of Duty: Mobile, something that is reflected in the number of downloads the game has been in its first days of life. A title to follow increasing its mass of players and its success, more considering that it is totally free and that offers fans of the saga to experience Call of Duty games without spending a single euro and on their smart phones.

More than 20 million players are enjoying the Call of Duty: Mobile fighting, which offers a wide variety of multiplayer modes, where users can once again step on classic franchise maps, such as Countdown and Crash, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; Overgrown, from Modern Warfare; or Nuketown, one of the most beloved Black Ops maps, among others.

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