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MIUI 11 is official with new design, functions and enhanced productivity »ERdC

MIUI 11 is official with new design, functions and enhanced productivity

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Xiaomi present today the new Mi Mix Alpha 5G Y Mi 9 Pro 5G. They will reach the market with MIUI 11, the latest version of its customization layer on Android. Bring multiple Design changes and new functions and features.

Design Improvements in MIUI 11

Greater focus on clean design

With MIUI 11, Xiaomi is applying a more modern twist to its general design language. Xiaomi has changed not only the appearance but also the overall design of the user interface. Now Everything is arranged to be more accessible with one-handed use.

This same design language has been applied to almost all sections of MIUI 11. This results in a clean and modern look. Everything that was messy in MIUI 10 has been removed from the user interface, and is clearly much better than before. There is much more white space and bold colors and highlights.

The dark mode of MIUI

MIUI 11 implements the dark mode of Android 10 with its own improvements. Change the color of all system applications. It uses a true dark black color compared to the dark blue and gray mode of Android Q.

New MiLan Pro font and bold slider

Xiaomi presented its new source, which according to the company is very simple and suitable for almost any situation. The new MiLan Pro font It follows the general design trend of the entire user interface. In addition, users can change the general "bold" level of the font for most of the system with a slider.

Ambient display

It is a bit different from the implementation of other companies since The Xiaomi version has a greater focus on customization. To start, the user can customize the clock that appears on the ambient screen with many options. Users can also make their own personalized message.

In addition, animations on the ambient screen even They serve as a notification indicator. They feature interchangeable "breathing" lights that are used to show when messages or notifications arrive. It is not the most important feature, but it is a big focus of MIUI 11.

Natural Dynamic Sound System

Xiaomi has updated all its alarm sounds and notification tones So that they are dynamic. The sounds that are generated can change depending on variables such as the place and time of day.

MIUI 11 feature improvements

My Work Productivity Suite

My Work Productivity Suite is a set of four new applications that are designed to make things easier when it comes to doing business and productivity.

My Share

The Xiaomi Mi Share application allows MIUI 11 devices transfer files between Xiaomi laptops, Xiaomi phones, Oppo devices and Live devices without problems and quickly. It has a very simple user interface and transfers files much faster than with the standard methods at 82 MB / s.

New built-in document reader from Xiaomi and WPS Office

The new Xiaomi built-in document reader was created together with WPS Office And it is a great improvement. It supports all kinds of productivity documents, such as PDF, presentation slides, Excel sheets and Word documents.

Easy screen transmission with new presentation tools

There is a new screen transmission tool for MIUI 11. The MIUI 11 screen broadcast works for all typical uses, such as video streaming and game streaming, but the big changes here are the presentation tools.

The new casting application comes with a large number of presentation tools that simulate the physical tools that a presenter could use. You can use your finger as laser pointer and make comments and notes directly from your phone. The application also intelligently prevents notifications from being received during a presentation.

Xiaomi Printing simplifies printing

The new Xiaomi printing application It is very simple to use. Simply choose the brand of your printer and pair it with your phone. From there, the device can easily send any document to print without problems. Wireless printing is not that difficult, but Xiaomi wanted to make it even easier.

Xiaomi Traveling Assistant

Xiaomi Traveling Assistant is a excellent travel tool. It stores all kinds of important information before the trip, including reservation details, hotel reservations and weather forecasts, and synchronizes all application information to facilitate viewing.

You can also easily buy tickets for local travel devices, check current exchange rates and even get embassy contact information.

New Super Power Saving mode

The new mode Super power saving it is essentially a Battery saving mode but maximized. They claimed that they can stretch the entire autonomous with only 5% of the remaining battery.

All Xiaomi themes can now be downloaded for free

Xiaomi announced that with MIUI 11 you can download any Xiaomi theme completely free. The company says that while they usually need additional income, they are now doing well enough not to need them and want to thank their fans for their support.

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MIUI 11 is official with new design, functions and enhanced productivity »ERdC
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