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Minecraft does not succeed on Apple TV

The success that Minecraft has had is undeniable, but the idea of ??being available on all existing platforms on the market is excessive, sometimes it is not very prudent, since Microsoft released this version of this title for the Apple team, in which it has not He had a good reception, which has caused his every rush in Apple TV.

For this reason, Microsoft has decided to stop supporting this version of Minecraft for Apple TV, resulting in its removal from the App Store and an in-game message that informs this event. From now on Minecraft for Apple TV will not have more updates, although it can continue playing and returns will be accepted for all those who bought it 90 days ago from the announcement, which was made on September 24.

Minecraft is still one of the greatest games and phenomena in history, but the problem lies in the poor experience as a video game console offered by Apple TV by forcing developers to use the Siri remote.

What do you think about this?