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Mario Kart Tour world ranking: find out your position

Mario Kart Tour for Android

Shortly after its launch in late September, Mario Kart Tour became one of the most popular mobile titles jams created by Nintendo, with millions of players from around the world who have already spent several hours of their lives trying to reach the top of the world ranking. Among them, of course, we, who have already been able to analyze thoroughly and give our opinion Mario Kart Tour.

But, how is he really top of Mario Kart Tour players? You may not know, but Nintendo offers the ability to see the scores of the 1,000 highest scorers through the official ranking, where you can check your position yourself.

Check your position in the world raking of Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Ranking

To access the world ranking of Mario Kart Tour and check the scores and positions of different players, it is only necessary access the page enabled by Nintendo.

The page rene the 1,000 first players along with their scores, based on the total results obtained in the qualifying period of each and every one of the cups. Nintendo says that this classification is different from the one that appears in the game, because in that case the results are calculated and published independently.

It is also worth noting that the results are calculated daily around 15:00 UTC, but they are not published until 05:00 UTC – or 06:00 and 07:00 in winter time.

That said, once we access the ranking, we will see a list with the names of the players and their scores. The list is divided into a total of five different pages.

Once inside, it is possible check our ranking position ?In case the score obtained is high enough?, if through the search menu on the browser page ?Ctrl – F on the computer, or ?Options / Search on page? on the mobile – we introduce our username in the game. If it appears, the browser itself direct us to the corresponding position.

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