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League of Legends: Isurus World Cup debut with a win and a loss and continues with chances

The Argentine team Isurus Gaming debut at Worlds 2019, the World Cup of League of Legends. I left a good image when debuting with a win and a loss, and look for the classification this Friday

The Argentine League of Legends team, Isurus Gaming, started their dream World Cup with a very good victory against the Japanese Detonation Focusme and then, in the second game of the date, fell to the strong Splyce of Europe, which came as the third best ranked in the region.

Isurus is playing the Play-In phase in Berlin, Germany, for group B where they fight for a place in the playoffs to enter the final group stage. The World Cup is divided into four groups of 3 teams round-trip matches. The two best of each group advance to a quarter-finals of play-ins to the best of 5 games and then get a place in the final group stage of the world cup, where the most powerful teams on the planet, like Fnatic, are already waiting , SK Telecom, Cloud 9, G2 and Team Liquid.

Maana play the other Latin American team classified at the World Cup, Flamengo Esports, of the Carioca football club, for the group D. Isurus to compete again on October 4, again against Splyce and Detonation, and just repeating the performance, get the second put to advance to the qualifiers.

In case of qualifying, on October 7 the faces will be seen against the best team of any of the four groups, with the difficult task of reaching the advance of the round. Both play-in finalists get their place in the final group stage. Never has a Latin American team reached the final group stage, and this is the first time that an Argentine squad manages to participate in one of the events of
 largest in the world with an audience of hundreds of millions of online viewers. As a reference, the final of 2018 had more than 200 million people who watched the Chinese Invictus Gaming team streaming, it was consecrated
Tournament champion in Incheon, Korea.



League of Legends: Isurus World Cup debut with a win and a loss and continues with chances
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