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Huawei presents its new HarmonyOS operating system by surprise

After much speculation in recent months due to the penalties imposed on the company, Huawei made yesterday official its operating system, HarmonyOS, As he was baptized, he was announced by the Chinese company on the first day of the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC).

In development since 2017, the project was known until recently as Hongmeng OS. The word "Harmony" in the official name is a reference to the novel proposal of multiple devicesHuawei says that the operating system is being developed to run not only on smartphones, but also on smartwatches, computers, televisions and smart speakers.

Richard Yu, head of the consumer division of Huawei, point out that the ability to HarmonyOS to cover a wide range of devices I will completely different from Android and iOS: "You can develop your applications once and make them available flexibly on several different devices", said.

HarmonyOS be open source and is expected to have the best applications in the market

Develop an operating system it's not easyOn the contrary, it is something very complex, there are hundreds of thousands of lines of code, especially one that has such a broad focus. But the biggest challenge will come later, attract developers so HarmonyOS can count on the best applications in the market, perhaps the hook is to charge a lower commission percentage than what is currently charged in other stores of applications for smart devices.

To make the project more attractive, Huawei intends to launch the operating system as an open code. In addition, the company is talking about providing an environment that support multiple programming languages to facilitate the adaptation or development of software for the platform.

HarmonyOS will be based on the Linux and LiteOS kernel

HarmonyOSTechnical details are still scarce, but it is known that, at least in the early stages, HarmonyOS integrate both the Linux kernel and the LiteOS kernel (Open code operating system developed by Huawei for IoT), as well as its own microkernel.

He shorter response time of the application, the optimization of the use of the battery, the graphics support of high performance Y more security Compared to other operating systems in the market are among the other attributes that Huawei promises for the operating system.

Release date

At a later stage of development, HarmonyOS should rely only on its own microkernel to improve performance and security; The microkernel does not allow access at the raz level, for example.

In the presentation during the HDC, Huawei revealed that the operating system will launch later this year on smart screen devices. The first of these should be Honor Smart Screen TV.

For now, there are no plans to launch smart phones based on HarmonyOS. The initial focus of the project is on IoT. But Richard Yu hints that if US restrictions completely prevent Huawei from gaining access to the Android ecosystem, HarmonyOS may launch on mobile phones at any time.